If you have existing pallets or skids and you want us to quote competitively, or if you know the dimensions you need for your application, you can use this form to send us your specifications.

This page is only for your convenience. If your needs involve special features that this form does not accommodate, or if you would rather convey your requirements some other way, feel free to contact us directly.


Use the sketch below as a guide for completing the form.

You may need a tape measure and access to an existing pallet if you don't have drawings on hand.

After completing the form, click the Send Request button at the bottom.

You will get a copy for your records of the same email we get.


NOTE: A pallet has bottom deckboards (see sketch). A skid does not have bottom deckboards.

Pallet terminology.


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Street 1:

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(All dimensions to be actual measurements)

Runner LENGTH:

(If runner height is not 35/8 inches, call us.)

11/16 inches 11/4 inches
17/8 inches  27/8 inches

Bottom deckboard LENGTH: inches

Bottom deckboard WIDTH:
4 inches 6 inches
Bottom deckboard THICKNESS:
7/16 inch1/2 inch
5/8 inch  3/4 inch7/8 inch

NUMBER of bottom deckboards:

Top deckboard LENGTH: inches

Top deckboard WIDTH:
4 inches 6 inches
Top deckboard THICKNESS (usually same as bottom):
7/16 inch1/2 inch
5/8 inch  3/4 inch7/8 inch

NUMBER of top deckboards:

Top deckboard spacing: inches

two-way (straight runners)four-way (notched runners)

QUANTITY you need now:

Date needed :

Quantity used annually:


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